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Looking to start your own ice vending machine business? One that is efficient, with a lucrative income and a minimal amount of effort or labor? Well look no further... The Ice Bucket (manufacturer of ice vending machines) is the business for you! Contact Us for pricing!

 5 Reasons to choose The Ice Bucket ice vending machines:
  • Quality of Construction

  • Durability of Components

  • Simplicity of Operation

  • Exceptional Reliability

  • Attractive Appearance

The Ice Bucket (ice vending machines) has an extra large capacity for storage.  The high output ice maker is capable of producing 3 tons of ice per day!  It comes standard with a state of the art computerized alarm system and has many optional features depending on the level of sophistication that you desire.  Our ice vending machines are constructed to withstand the constant demands placed upon it, with minimal maintenance requirements.

The Ice Bucket (ice vending machine) was developed by a team of industry experts.  Together they have developed the highest quality and most efficient ice vending machine on the market!  This ice vending machine is perfect for the first time business owner with little or no business experience. "It's So Simple, It Runs Itself"!

An Easy, Lucrative Investment...
Starting your own ice vending machine business has never been easier.  After simple set up, this fully automatic ice vending machine will make money for you.  Ice is bagged or dispensed automatically once the customer inserts money. Read more about the operation of this ice vending machine...

Convenient and Hassle Free Ice Vending Machines...
A premium industrial grade computer controls the operating system and features machine fault diagnostics that sends out alerts by phone.  This means there is no need to constantly check on the machine.  The Ice Bucket automatic ice vending machines will let you know if you're needed. 
Read more about the convenient features...

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